Terms of Use

The WtsWrng app is a free mobile application, aimed at both citizens and health professionals.

It is an App with health information where the user can get free health recommendations elaborated by health professionals.

Before using this tool, please read the following text:

  1. The WtsWrng app is a tool with informative purpose, currently available in the App Store only for iPad and iPhone. WtsWrng? will soon be launched on Android.


  1. WtsWrng contains guidance information related to different health aspects elaborated by professionals. The App offers recommendations, but in no case can be used for diagnosis, medical treatment or any other medical action by health professionals. The content of this App does not replace the personalized attention of health professionals. In case of any medical problem, always consult your medical professional.


  1. In case of a medical emergency, call your local medical emergency number.


  1. WtsWrng does not store data such as your email, name, or bank details. The only data the app accesses are those related to the use of the application (time of use, interaction with the platform, etc.).


  1. To use the WtsWrng app you will be required to activate your GPS location. This localization can be deactivated from your terminal’s settings.


  1. WtsWrng works offline, this means that you do not need an Internet connection to use it. To download the App you will need Internet access from a mobile device.


  1. The app does require network access (connection to a server) to update the application usage data. If the user does not accept this data transfer, he/she will not be able to use the application.


  1. WtsWrng is a product that is constantly evolving, so occasionally the user may find inconsistencies that will be solved in the following updates.


  1. The user declares to voluntarily access the present App, granting his consent. Also by making use of this application, the user accepts the legal requirements, conditions and terms of use contained in this document.


  1. With the desire to improve the application day by day and adapt it to the new needs of society, we will make constant changes in the images and texts of the application to improve them.


  1. WtsWrng images are intended to illustrate health conditions regardless of the user’s culture or country of residence. However, this may not always be the case. The WtsWrng team will study and update the images if deemed necessary, always after review and acceptance of the modifications.


  1. Users can use the e-mail address wtswrng@wtswrng.com to ask any questions or suggestions.